Good driving never felt so good

Every week you have the chance to earn a reward, all you have to do is maintain a green driving score. With your good driving, we're sure you'll make it. Now think about this, how often do you hear from your car insurance? Once a year and that's only to ask you to pay up

We're here to give you something good every week

You know what you like Ask us for it

Our team works hard to offer you a variety of ways in which to enjoy your rewards. But no-one's perfect, so if you've got a great idea, we'd love to hear it.

A weekly surprise

Make sure you keep an eye on your App because every week you'll be able to see what reward is available to earn during that period.

In the 'Control Panel' you'll also be able to see a log of the rewards you've redeemed and those yet to enjoy, so you can make sure you get the most out of your good driving.

If you decide not to use them, don't worry, we'll put them towards the charitable cause we're working with at that time.

The weekly rewards you earn will give you the chance to enjoy those things you actually like:

5€ amazon gift cards, petrol and car wash vouchers, cinema tickets and 1kg charitable donations...

*Restrictions apply. See product details and the legal terms and conditions in our Collaborator Policy.

We're delighted to have partnerships like these because thanks to them we're able to properly reward your good driving. It's important that you know that we're just partners and they're not part of drive&win, nor do we have any commitment other than to offer you discounts and benefits on their products/and or services, as a drive&win customer.