There's finally a new way to insure your car. Easier,
more innovative, fairer and far less boring and complicated
What makes us different?

Thanks to our App you have the chance to prove how well you drive. This way we can offer you the same cover you'd get at an average insurer, but at a better price and with none of the faff.

And what's even better, every week you'll earn rewards for your good driving.
Sounds good, right?

A car insurance without the drawbacks of traditional insurance and a whole lot of added benefits.
Always at a
fair price
You don't pay for other people's recklessness behind the wheel. You win, we win and everyone wins.
Thanks to our App you'll know how well you drive and be able to improve day by day. Simple as that.
Because we know how well you drive, we'll reward your efforts every week. No tricks.
Your insurance policy is in your smartphone. You don't need anything else.