We hope that you’ll be able to find the answer to any question you may have here, but if not, please email us at clientes@driveandwin.es or send us a tweet (@drive_win) and get on it. You can also call us at 911 442 361 (Monday to Friday 9:00 to 21:00).


What is drive&win?
We're not your average insurance company. We're 100% digital, a kind of virtual phone operator but for insurance. As a community of good drivers, we only cover good drivers who don't want to pay more for the recklessness of others, who want safer roads and who want more than just peace of mind from their insurance.
We want your experience with your car insurance to go beyond simply paying an annual fee. We want to help you drive better, spend less (and not just on your insurance) and reward you in the process. If you want to know exactly what your rights and duties are, you can click here.
What do we mean by "a kind of virtual phone operator but for insurance"?
It means that we work with top insurance companies to offer you what they do best: their roadside assistance networks, their reliability and their ability to respond in the case of an accident. The difference is that we're able to get you a better deal than if you were to purchase your car insurance directly from them. In order to offer you these conditions, we operate as an independent insurance broker. Why is drive&win a better deal?
Traditional insurance companies calculate your insurance premium based on your record (age, years of driving experience, number of accidents you've had in the past, etc.) and statistics from groups of people similar to you. However, in order to attract customers they offer discounts on new policies. And in order to keep these discounts profitable, they then raise their prices at renewal. This essentially means that older clients subsidize new clients' discounted policies. Of course, they keep this to themselves.
At drive&win we don't believe in these kinds of commercial tactics. We want to treat our new customers well, of course, but never at the expense of those who trusted us first. That's why we will never give you a worse renewal deal than the one we offer to new customers.
In fact, we want to go even further and acknowledge your commitment to safe driving. So, every week that you get a good score, we'll reward you for it. Straight-up rewards, no tricks.
Can anybody who's a sensible driver be insured by drive&win?
That's our goal, and we're getting closer and closer to achieving it. We're currently limited by what our insurance providers consider "low-risk drivers". Statistics show, for instance, that novice drivers or those under 25 years old are significantly riskier to insure. That's why the insurance premium is higher for these types of drivers and there are far less options for them to choose from. Insurance companies aren't stupid, they know that not everyone drives the same way, even if they're part of an "at risk group". They are fully aware that some drivers, despite being young or having little driving experience, are cautious and don't have accidents. However, they're not able to cherry-pick them from the rest and prefer not to run the risk. At drive&win we can differentiate between good and bad drivers, and we're able to prove it to the insurance companies. Thanks to that we will soon be able to offer insurance to good drivers regardless of their age, experience or driving history. Join our community of drive&winners by clicking here and we'll let you know when we have an insurance policy for you. How can drive&win tell apart good and bad drivers?
Telematics (a technology that when adapted to road safety can determine each person's driving style) is now reliable enough that by simply activating the App while driving, you can prove your good driving in real-time. If you want to know more about how it works, click here How does drive&win work?
When you purchase your insurance policy with drive&win you'll receive a welcome email with your registration details and a link to download the App. Be aware that you must download and activate your App within 48 hours from when you purchase your policy, as you risk your policy being cancelled if you don't. The sooner you download the App, the sooner you can begin to earn rewards!
Once you’ve activated the drive&win App it’s crucial that you have your phone charged and its location and Bluetooth settings on (whilst keeping it safely tucked away in your back or pocket of course) since your phone will now function as a “black box” that will record your driving.
Do I need to have the App switched on at all times?
Yes. If you think you might forget to turn it on or activate it for every journey, don't worry. The App automatically activates when you turn your phone on and works in the background without using up much charge. When it detects the start of a journey it begins collecting data and stops when you arrive at your destination. You can access it at any time to check your driver score, journeys or policy details. You will also receive your rewards and notifications directly in the App. What do we mean by "drive&win is much more than paying an annual fee"?
Most companies only interact with you at renewal or when you have an accident. We go further. We want your insurance experience to be interesting and help you drive better; that's why at drive&win we reward your good driving. Each week, the drive&win App will give you a reward if your driving passes our safe-driving criteria (driving within the speed limit, smoothly and avoiding too much night driving). Straight-up rewards, no tricks. Everyone wins with drive&win. Even those who don't drive.
Did you know accidents on Spanish roads have increased significantly in the last few years? They are caused by many different things, but most can be avoided by following simple rules like driving within the speed limit, keeping a safe distance from other vehicles or resting enough during long trips.
At drive&win we not only seek out good drivers to be our customers, we want to reward them and encourage them to keep on improving. Thanks to our App, you'll be able to know if you are driving well and receive a weekly reward that will motivate you to improve even further. Fewer accidents mean we can charge you lower premiums and that there are more safe drivers on the road.
You win, we win, and even those who don't drive win. Because safer roads are good for everyone.

The drive&win App

How does it work?
The drive&win App uses telematics, a technology that can measure sudden braking/acceleration, speed, harsh changes in direction, number of journeys and distance travelled.
Once the App is activated, it will send us your driving data each time you use your car; you can then see how you're doing and check your driver score in your Control Panel. Here you can also see what rewards you will automatically earn if you drive correctly.
The App uses around 4Mb of Data per month (an estimate based on 15.000 km per year). Even if you drive many more km per year, you'll see that the data used is just a small fraction of your data plan.
Does my car need to have Bluetooth?
Yes. It can be a "hands-free" device for your phone, a Bluetooth radio, etc. It doesn't need to be a built-in device, there are many other simple options. If you want to know more details or need any help with this, you can call us at 911 442 361. Where can I download the App?
You can download the drive&win App free from the Apple or Google Play Store. Remember that you'll need a code to activate your account. How do I register for the drive&win App?
We will send you your registration details in the welcome email you receive when you purchase you insurance policy. Simply log in to the App and follow the instructions on the screen to register and activate the account. I didn't receive the activation email and can't activate the App. What do I do?
Send us an email to clientes@driveandwin.es or contact us via Twitter (@drive_win) and we will get in touch with you. You can also call us at 911 442 361 Monday to Friday from 9:00h to 21:00h.

Your rewards

At drive&win we want to reward your responsible driving. If at the end of the week your score is in the green, the following Monday you'll receive a reward. It's our way of thanking you for driving safely.
I got a green score this week. How do I receive my reward?
If you finished the week with a green score, your reward will be unlocked in your drive&win App. Some rewards can be redeemed in-store by showing a validation code, but for others you will need to access the sellers' website. Don't worry, we'll send you a notification to let you know how to redeem each reward. How often can I earn a reward?
From the moment you activate your drive&win App, you have the chance to earn a reward every week you finish with a green score. Don't forget to check your App regularly to see what's new! How can I know my current score?
It's very simple. You can check your real-time score in the "My Control Panel" section of the drive&win App and if you're driving safely, also see what your next reward might be. How much time do I have to enjoy my drive&win rewards?
Each week that you finish with a green score, the App will unlock that week's reward. From then on, you have 30 days to view the code. Once you've viewed it, each reward has a different validity period.


What is telematics?
Telematics is a technology that can be used to determine each person's driving style. What data does the App record?
The drive&win App collects data on different aspects of your driving like speed, location, braking, changes in direction and usage patterns. Then, this data is used to create a score which evaluates the driver on smoothness, speed and usage of the vehicle. Periodically, the App will confirm it is activated and working correctly. Remember that we will only use the data for these purposes. Will I be able to renew my insurance policy if I drive over the speed limit?
Isolated cases of driving over the speed limit will have a negative impact on your weekly score and may result in you not earning the reward for that week. Consistently driving over the speed limit not only endangers other drivers and reduces your score but may mean you will not be able to renew your insurance policy with us. I got a new phone. Do I need to reinstall drive&win?
Yes, you'll need to download the drive&win App again and introduce the registration details sent to you when you purchased your policy. You will be asked to repeat the activation process and may need to reconfigure the Bluetooth settings with your car. Don't worry, follow the App instructions and you'll see that it's very simple. Can the drive&win App be installed in any phone?
Both Android and iOS users can use the App.

How do I purchase a policy?

Can anyone purchase an insurance policy with drive&win?
Not yet. For the time being, we can only offer drive&win for drivers over the age of 25 who have had a licence for a minimum of 2 years.
In the near future, we will be able to offer drive&win to all good drivers. If you don't meet the criteria but believe drive&win is for you, leave us your email and we'll let you know when we've got something perfect for you. Click here
How can I purchase a drive&win policy?
You can request a quote through our website or call us at 911 442 360 Monday to Friday from 9:00h to 21:00h. What documents will I need?
You need to know the model and make of your car and have the documentation and driving licence with you. You'll also need to have your bank details or card number on hand for payment. Can I purchase the policy online?
No, you will need to purchase your policy on the phone. For it to go into effect, you'll have to download the drive&win App on your phone, register with the details provided, send us pictures of the car and other documents through the App and connect the App to your car's Bluetooth. Remember that you must do this within 48 hours of purchasing the policy.

Other drivers

Does anybody else driving my car need to be named on the insurance policy?
No, except for drivers younger than you or who have had their licence for less time. If that's not the case they won't need to be named on the policy. However, anyone driving your car aside from you will need to install the App on their phone and have it activated whilst driving. If you happen to be in the car with the other driver at the same time, it's not necessary as long as your own App is working. If you have any questions, don't worry, call us at 911 442 361 and we'll guide you through it. How do I add another driver to my drive&win insurance policy?
You may need to modify your insurance policy. Call us at 911 442 361 for more details. How can the other driver install the drive&win app?
The other driver will have to download the app and log in with the details we send via email. From then on the driver must have the App activated whenever they drive the insured vehicle. Can other drivers earn their own rewards?
No. Only the policy holder can earn rewards, but all journeys, whether yours or by other drivers, will affect your weekly score and determine whether you're eligible for a reward.

The price

How does drive&win calculate my insurance premium?
In order to calculate your annual premium, we'll need to know a few details like the car model, driver experience or the area you frequently travel around. These requirements are made by the companies that provide us with insurance capacity, but thanks to the drive&win technology and value proposition, we're able to minimise their impact. Can my insurance premium go up during the year?
The short answer is no. The annual premium you pay when you purchase car insurance is fixed for the entire year, as long as the policy details remain the same. However, if there are any changes in circumstances that may affect your policy (such as a change in cars, home address, etc.) you need to call us to find out if we need to modify your policy. How can I pay?
Payments can be made by direct debit or by credit card.

No-claims bonus

What do we mean by "No-claims bonus"?
Insurance providers generally offer a discount for every year a driver has been insured with them and not made a claim. Inevitably, younger drivers pay more until they gain a few years of experience behind the wheel. Our good drivers are rewarded through their driver score on a weekly basis, not just on the number of years they've been driving without having an accident. What will happen with my no-claims record?
Just like any other insurance company, at drive&win we take the driver's no-claims record into account when we calculate the premium. Simply put, if something works to your advantage, we add it to our existing drive&win benefits. In this case, an even better price thanks to your good driving. Can I get a no-claims bonus with drive&win?
Yes, and we'll apply it when you renew your policy.

Insurance policy details

Can my car be insured before I install the App on my phone?
Yes. You're covered from the moment you purchase your insurance policy, but you have 48 hours in which to download and activate the drive&win App. If you don't, your policy may be cancelled. You also won't be able to earn any rewards until you do this. Follow the simple steps on the App or call us at 911 442 361 for more information. How will I receive insurance policy documents?
When you purchase your policy, we will send you a welcome email with useful information and the details needed to activate the App. You will receive your insurance policy via email or post. What if I change my car?
Get in touch by calling 911 442 361 to notify us of the change. Be aware that this may result in a modification of your insurance premium. Once we've added the new vehicle to your policy, your drive&win App will automatically reset. You will then need to reactivate the App, send us the pictures of your brand new shiny car and connect the App to the car's Bluetooth. What if my car doesn't have Bluetooth?
Don't worry, even if your car doesn't have a built-in Bluetooth you can still purchase your insurance with us. You can use a hands-free device, a Bluetooth radio or any other Bluetooth device. If none of these are available, call us at 911 442 361 and we'll look into it. What if I want to cancel my insurance policy?
You need to call and let us know. We're not doing this to make things deliberately difficult, but because car insurance is compulsory, you may end up in trouble. As an insurance provider we are legally bound to ensure a vehicle won't end up being uninsured prior to a cancellation. There are a wide variety of different scenarios and it would be impossible for us to explain them all here. Remember that our phone line is free (from a flat-rate mobile or landline), so call us and we can give you personalised guidance on this issue. I'm not the main driver of my car. Can I still get drive&win insurance?
It depends who the main driver is (factors include age, experience, driving licence experience, etc.). Call us and we can look into it. Am I covered outside of Spain?
Yes. You can review your policy conditions or give us a call to get more details. Bear in mind that whilst you're abroad your score won't be taken into account and you won't be able to earn rewards. Will I have roadside assistance?
Yes. You will have extensive 24 hour roadside assistance available year round. To see what number you need to call, click here. What do I do if I'm in an accident?
In your App you'll find all the details you need to fill in a claims form. You can get the information to us by phone, calling 911 442 361 Monday to Friday from 9:00h to 21:00h. What do I do if my car is stolen?
If this happens, the first thing you should do is report it to the police. After that give us a call and we'll process the claim (if it's covered by your insurance policy) How does drive&win use my personal data?
We take data protection very seriously and will only use any information you provide to manage your insurance policy. This includes sharing it with the final insurance provider, as well as complaint management and sending you your documentation. We won't share your information with third parties that may bother you with spam.

Your weekly score

What score will I have when I start?
Your score starts at 0. The maximum score available is +10 and the minimum is -10. Each Monday at noon, your rewards will be awarded depending on your weekly score. So if you've had a bad week don't worry, you'll get another chance the following week. How is my score calculated?
The drive&win App collects and sends us information on your driving style. It measures things like acceleration, braking, sudden changes in direction, number of journeys and distance travelled. We then process the data and break it down into three categories: Speed, Smoothness and Usage; giving you an overall score. This is the score that will unlock rewards earnt for your good driving. You can see your current driver score in your "My Control Panel" in the App. What information will I be able to see regarding my driver score?
You can see how each journey affects your overall score in your "My Control Panel" within the App. The score is broken down into Speed, Smoothness and Usage. What do you mean by Speed, Smoothness and Usage? How do they affect my score?
Ok, so here's where we get a little technical.
The drive&win App records driving and gives a score depending on speed, smoothness and usage.
Smoothness is measured by any sudden acceleration/braking and/or changes in direction. To calculate your smoothness score the App will measure how often and severe these actions are for every kmph driven. The App scores between -10 and +10.
Speed measures the car's speed in kmph. Every minute we take a measure of the average speed driven by the car and the speed limits of the roads driven on. The App then scores between -10 and +10.
Usage is measured by the duration and time of the trips made by the driver. To calculate this we look at three factors: time of day, number of trips and the duration of trips. The score range is also -10 +10. Some negative behavior that could affect Usage is driving between 12:00PM and 06:00AM, making more than 6 trips within 24 hours or trips lasting over 2 hours.
How does my score affect my rewards?
Your score is calculated using the data provided by the App when you drive your car. At the end of each week, Mondays at 12 am, we'll check your score. If you have a green score (+5 Points) you'll receive a reward. Simple as that. What if I only get low scores?
As long as your scores aren't below zero, you'll be a drive&win driver and be able to be a part of our community. Getting a green score is obviously the best option because it allows you to unlock all the weekly rewards. However, if a driver has red scores for two consecutive weeks or four red scores within one year without justification, he or she won't be allowed to remain a drive&win driver. I'm not sure the information in my Control Panel is correct. What should I do?
Call our Customer Service at 911 442 361. We'll be more than happpy to make any necessary checks and resolve any problems that might have occured. Anyone can make a mistake. This all sounds good, but I still have my doubts. Can I try the App?
We don't have that option yet, but we're working on a trial version. If you would like us to notify you when it's ready you can call our Customer Service at 911 442 361 and we'll add you to our waiting list. How safe is the data collected from the drive&win App?
This is something we take very seriously and one thing is clear: the data we collect to generate your weekly score belongs to you. Its main point is to help you become a better, safer driver and reward you for the effort. We will never share your data with the authorities, unless ordered to by a judge. We will never use your data like a "Big Brother" to tell people where you are and what you're doing. We will never use your data to reject a claim made on your part.